The Process

Criterion for Acceptance

  • Young to middle aged adults 14-50+
  • Suspected or known learning and/or social difficulties that impact daily functioning
  • Behavioral difficulties are a significant barrier to motivation or learning
  • Client is not alcohol or drug dependent.
  • Ability to pay for services. Private insurance does not typically cover age range; services not considered medically necessary. Some services may be covered if under age 18. We do not bill, but provide requested information to facilitate payment to payor, e.g. family member, for services.

Getting StartedTransitional Life Solutiosn for Young Adults in St. Louis, MO

  1. Initial telephone consultation determines potential for acceptance.
    * Call 314.560.6159 to schedule your confidential phone consultation.
  2. A home site visit is recommended for a more in-depth interview/case record review

Professional Testing/Plan Development

  1. Recommendations/referral for testing may be made if not completed within last 3 years
  2. Needs identified/vision articulated/transitional plan developed w/testing results integrated

Transitional Intervention

  1. Program focus/intensity/duration per individualized need.
  2. Intervention by a behavioral implementor, transitional facilitator, counselor, or coach according to plan/modified as needed. Additional adjunct therapy may be provided by other professionals either directly through TLS or by consult.
  3. Plan oversight, coordination, and communication by Renau Bozarth MS, CRC, BCBA, LBA.

Program CompletionTransitional Life Solutions for Young Adults in St. Louis, MO

  1. Program completed with satisfactory attainment of goals identified in Transitional Plan.
  2. Services may be extended based on individual circumstances/needs.
    Follow-up to ensure long term success provided.